Sound Therapy

As with many alternative healing methods, sound therapy isn’t as “alternative” as you may believe.

Why do we say this?

Well, because this way of healing your body pre-dates pharmaceutical and modern day medical methods by thousands of years.

Healing through sound goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, who used sistras in highly resonant temples, such as Deir el-Bahari in Thebes, to make use of the same ultrasound frequencies doctors use today to shrink tumors and break up kidney stones.

man and woman experiencing sound therapy

Ancient Tibetans used their crystal bowls to heal through sound.

The Aborigines in Australia used didgeridoos to help heal many different types of illnesses, as well as muscle tears and broken bones.

Your Body Is Made Mostly of Water

You’ve no doubt heard a few times throughout your life that our bodies are made mostly of water. When you think about sound therapy and how sound has been found to have a profound effect on water, it becomes easier to visualize why it works for healing your body.

In fact, in the 1940’s and 50’s, Viktor Shauberger conducted studies on the micro vortexes found in water.

The interesting thing about his studies is that your DNA helix structure mirrors quite closely these water vortexes and Hong Kong scientists have found vortexes to have the ability to manipulate DNA.

Further, Alexander Lauterwasser produced photographic evidence revealing how sound has the ability to produce vortexes in water.

While further research into how vortexes, water, and our DNA are linked to the healing qualities of sound is still ongoing, it’s clear that our ability to achieve relief through sound therapy has much to do with the water content of our bodies.

Becoming More Specific

As more research has been done in recent years, it’s become clear that each organ of your body vibrates at certain frequencies.

In fact, everything in our universe vibrates at its own frequency. This is why a tree looks like it does and why your kitchen table looks vastly different. It’s all frequency.

Digging deeper, each cell of your body emits sound. A healthy cell vibrates at a different frequency than a “sick” cell. Cellular ion channels are used as a means of communication between cells in the body. When a cell in your body becomes sick or damaged, these channels are no longer working properly.

Through the use of sound, we can open these channels up again and allow the cells to return to their normal, healthy frequency.

If you’re like us, we find this technology fascinating and we recognize the vast benefits this affords you and your loved ones in terms of staying healthy, looking younger, and feeling more vibrant in your life...without the many side effects associated with modern medicine/pharmaceuticals.

Let’s explore further the benefits of sound therapy and how they can help the various illnesses and conditions that have the potential to harm us in our modern world.

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