Alternative Asthma Treatment

When you look around, you'll discover that finding an alternative asthma treatment is quite easy. A word of caution, however…

If you’re interested in alleviated your asthma symptoms in a more natural way, as opposed to medication, then you’re going to need the proper mindset.

We live in a society where haste is favored over planning and where an attitude of “give it to me now” persists. When it comes to healing the body, it requires a more Old World attitude.

It takes a little planning…a little lifestyle change…a little “out of the box” thinking. If you’re ready for that, then it’s time to benefit from the various alternative asthma treatments you can try.

Managing Your Airway

Boil small pieces of Ginger with water. Let steep for 5 minutes and then drink.

asthma treatments can clear your lungs

Boil a pot of water and then add in a few drops of Eucalyptus oil. This results in a great steam you can breathe in.

You can use figs to open up your airway and drain away phlegm by soaking three dried figs in water overnight. Gobble up the figs in the morning and enjoy.

Honey is a simple asthma remedy because of the alcohol and ethereal oils it has. Heat up a cup of water and add in a teaspoon of honey. You can do this as needed up to three times each day.

If you’re in the middle of an attack, then massage mustard oil into your chest and upper back.

Open your airway by eating a raw onion.

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Managing Your Emotional State

Keep in mind that your body is a vibrational entity. This means that while we’re used to focusing on the physical aspect of our world, it’s what happens in the world of “frequency” that actually affects what you “see” as physical.

At the cellular level, your body’s cells are transmitting sound frequencies in order to communicate. What happens at your cellular level has everything to do with what you experience physically and emotionally.

This is why more studies have been done on how stress and anxiety specifically affect asthma symptoms.

Managing your emotional state is paramount when your goal is to naturally work on alleviating your asthma.

Remember when we said above that you’ve got to be willing to plan your treatment, rather than expecting instant results when you experience symptoms?

If you plan your way through your asthma, in terms of understanding what causes you to become stressed, alter your diet & environment, and use some of the natural remedies listed above, then you increase your chances of experiencing asthma attacks less often.

Pay attention (try using a journal) to what happens when you feel anxiety. Who and what causes this in you? What can you change about those situations?

Reduce Stress (and Asthma Symptoms) Through Sound Therapy

Understanding how your body functions through frequency vibration at a cellular level helps in realizing how powerful sound therapy is in reducing stress, and as a result, asthma symptoms.

Sound healing has been shown to bring your cells back into harmony in terms of how they communicate. This alleviates the feelings of stress and anxiety. As this process occurs, studies have shown how the sound therapy is also helping asthma conditions.

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