Alternative Asthma Treatments

We’re finding more people seeking alternative asthma treatments as medications cause side effects or reveal outright ineffective results.

sound therapy helps asthma conditions

While asthma is still linked by some to genetic or environmental reasons, these potential causes are still not understood well.

Another trigger for an attack is stress. Stress leads to anxiety and anxiety often leads to trouble breathing and asthma.

Especially for groups like children, pregnant women and older people, medications have proven to be a risky proposition.

In such situations, steering towards a different course of treatment is always a wise option.

Alternative Asthma Treatments

There are a number of practices that efficiently manage the intensity of asthma. Some of them are:


This involves the insertion of thin needles at a specific point in the body. Recent studies suggest that asthma symptoms may improve with acupuncture.

However you should always try acupuncture with an experienced practitioner so as to avoid any possible risk.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises have been around for years and people who follow them have reported improvement. The most common breathing exercises are:

a. Breathe less often.

b. Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth.

c. Take short and slower breaths.

d. Use abdominal muscles for taking belly or diaphragmatic breaths.

Inspiratory Muscle Training

With the help of this technique, your lung muscles will become stronger. It greatly helps in reducing the intensity of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

Health supplements

Deficiency of certain vitamins and nutrients can also deteriorate the condition of asthma patients. Thus, foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids should be adopted as they boost the immune system and reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Some Herbal Remedies

Ancient herbal remedies are also considered vital for asthma treatment. The healing effect of these remedies on lungs makes them resistant to asthma attacks. Some to consider:

1. Butterbur

2. Choline

3. Indian Frankincense

4. Tylophora Indica

5. Ginkgo Extract

6. Dried Ivy

Undoubtedly, these remedies show positive results in the treatment of asthma, but you should always be sure about their quality and dose. Moreover, their side effects and drug interactions must be something you consider.

Let’s now discuss an exciting non-intrusive treatment for asthma: sound therapy. After learning the benefits, more and more asthmatic patients are switching to sound healing.

This type of therapy creates a unique sense of wellness within the body, which is crucial in the case of asthma.

Sound Therapy as an Alternative

Sound frequencies are sent in a passive and non-invasive process towards the brain and central nervous system, which balances and harmonizes the cells in your body.

To deal with the causes of asthma, like stress, anxiety etc, this is a most effective and safe way.

Music therapy is a part of this healing field. Songs using natural beats and special tones are passed through the body either by headphones or sound generating recliners. These sounds create a positive aura inside the body and promote well-being.

Is there scientific data to support the claim that sound therapy can help reduce asthma and the terrible attacks it brings? The answer is: Absolutely!

In fact, a study presented by Youhua Du to the Aukland University of Technology shows how sound has a direct affect on the opening of airwaves and improvement of lung capacity. 

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