Alternative Therapy for Asthma?
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An effective alternative therapy for asthma is sound therapy.

sound therapy is effective for asthma

An interesting study by Youhua Du (which was presented to the Aukland University of Technology in 2006) into alternative means for relieving asthma shows how acoustic sound vibrations affect the soft tissue of our airway.

As a result of the study, which was called “Airway Smooth Muscle Response to Vibrations”, Du lists the following as possible future applications of sound therapy for asthma:

  • Using sound therapy pressure waves as a way to improve lung functionality
  • Using acoustic sound waves as a way to reduce the stiffness of airway smooth muscle
  • Frequencies at less than 25 Hz are effective

Why Would Sound Therapy Work?

In terms of using sound therapy as an alternative therapy for asthma, the process makes sense when we take into account what science says about the human body.

The body acts as a frequency vibration entity, where the cells accept and output sound frequencies.

A good way to think of “sickness”, or negative physical conditions like asthma, is to think of the cells being out-of-tune.

Physical ailments result from cells losing their ability to properly communicate. This process results in damaged cells that manifest as all types of physical problems, ranging from asthma to high blood pressure to nausea to migraines to depression.

Sound therapy works in using vibrational frequency to correct the cells, bringing them in-tune, so speak, and encourage healing of the physical tissue.

The Affect of Stress on Asthma

Stress has now been shown to have an immense affect on asthma sufferers. It won’t create asthma, but the medical and science community now knows it will certainly initiate attacks.

Stressful experiences like tough family issues, work issues, public speaking, etc have all been shown to have a negative effect on asthma symptoms.

This again leads us straight to sound therapy as a solution for asthma.

Sound therapy is a fantastic tool against stress and anxiety. Stress contributes to the lack of communication between cells as mentioned above and sound frequencies are effective in bringing them back into harmony.

The process of alleviating stress works “in concert” with the process of alleviating the constricting of the airway that Du’s study discusses.

If you or a loved one suffers from asthma and alternative therapy sounds more advantageous than dealing with the negative aspects of pharmaceuticals, then we encourage you to take a good look at sound therapy.

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