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We know dealing with depression and anxiety is terribly scary and that it takes a huge amount of soul searching when deciding how to personally handle it.

With that said, we're certain you’ve most likely been to your doctor and have had the litany of drugs read to you that are available for the taking.

If you’d like to know about some details your doctor may have left out, we invite you to read our series of articles on the side effects with pharmaceuticals.

We’d like to introduce you to sound therapy as a solution to your anxiety depression treatment.

Sound Therapy as Depression Treatment

Those with depression have been found to possess lower levels of serotonin or dopamine, which are responsible for helping people experience happy emotions. Without these neurotransmitters available, your state of energy is diminished substantially.

It’s been known in our circles for years that bathing the brain in high frequency sound vibrations helps low feelings.

In fact, it’s been narrowed down that helping to activate the left side of the brain specifically through sound healing has a vital impact on depression.

This is also why meditation has been shown to help improve mood and decrease stimulates the left side of the brain.

In fact, back in 1982, the Du Plesis 14 month study showed how the mental health of 424 people was improved through the use of sound therapy.

Remember when we mentioned dopamine and serotonin above? Sound healing is thought to enable the brain to produce more of these neurotransmitters, which then lowers the depression and increases the positive feelings you’re looking for.

University of Arizona Test

In this small, yet interesting test of ultrasound waves in relation to mood, scientists took 14 students who all thought they were being taken through some form of pain experiment.

Instead, the scientists sent 30 seconds worth of sound frequency waves into the brains of 7 of the students. The other 7 thought the same thing was happening to them as an identical probe was placed to their heads, but the researchers blocked the sound waves.

Using the Visual Analogue Mood Scale, which measures confusion, fear, anger, tension, and sadness, the researchers rated the students.

On the scale that runs from 0 to 100, the students who were not exposed to the sound therapy waves saw their average scores go from 58.4 before the experiment to 58.3 afterwards.

The group who did receive the frequencies saw their average score go from 54.6 to 59.3 immediately after the procedure.

These results were published in the journal called Brain Stimulation.

As you can see, sound therapy may be a great addition to your anxiety depression treatment efforts. If you’re interested in finding out more about this exciting option, fill in the form below and we’ll send you details.

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