Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Is dealing with depression and anxiety an issue you’re having difficulty with? If so, first know that you’re not alone. More and more, we’re finding that our modern lifestyle is causing inner pain for folks who never experienced these feelings previously.

When you’re ready to do something about it in a way where you feel control has been brought back into your life, there are specific things you can do to achieve calm and inner peace.

Altering Your Lifestyle Choices

Three lifestyle choices can have an immense negative effect on mood and levels of energy: caffeine, alcohol and lack of exercise.

using sound therapy, person overcomes depression and anxiety

Take stock of whether your alcohol or caffeine intake has increased recently.

Yes, we know that when you’re feeling anxious or depressed, coffee and alcohol are seen as necessary ways to help you through the tough times.

Alcohol, especially, can seem to take the edge off when you’re feeling nervous and tense.

Consider, though, that alcohol only serves to heighten anxiety and depression in the long run.

The same can be said for caffeine.

Will cutting these out of your diet immediately relieve your stress and nervousness? Probably not, but when you combine these changes with everything else we’re set to bring you, you’ll notice a positive difference.

Another lifestyle choice you can decide to move toward is regular exercise. While it’s hard to find a definitive clinical study outright proving how exercise will help relieve your anxious or depressed state, there’s always common sense to guide us.

Exercising releases those “feel good” endorphins in your brain. It also raises your body temperature, which can help with relaxation. As well, focusing on exercise helps move your body out of the state of inactivity depression or anxiety keep you paralyzed with.

Again, simply exercising or lowering your alcohol/caffeine alone most likely won’t be a complete fix for dealing with depression and anxiety. Combine these lifestyle changes with the following info, however, and you’ll discover how much better life truly can be.

Thoughts: Managing Them

Anxiety can often be caused by a mind filled with an endless stream of worrisome thoughts.

We realize you have a busy life. Today’s society throws a lot of activities and responsibilities at you that people in past generations just never needed to handle all at once.

This can easily create a mind filled with “what if” thoughts or worries that, “I need to get this, that and the other thing done NOW”.

Worry leads to feelings of fear, depression, impending doom, anxiety, and even outright paranoia. It’s imperative for your inner peace and physical health to gain control over worry.

Most likely, the busy aspects and responsibilities of your life aren’t going away soon, so it’s time to learn how to cope with how your mind filters it all out.

Meditation is an excellent way to help you manage your thoughts. Meditation is simply the practice of focusing in on the present moment. It helps you remove thoughts of worry (which are focused on the future) as you focus on the stillness and calmness of this very present moment, when you are in fact, perfectly all right.

It will also help your breathing. Depression and anxiety cause your breathing to become shallow. Focus on deep breaths as you meditate.

Even if you don’t have time each day to technically “meditate”, try this: As you walk throughout your day from activity to activity, focus on deep breathing and pay close attention to what you see.

Pay attention to how the ground feels beneath you, the deep green color in that tree, the folks laughing near you, etc. Focus on this moment in time. Think about this very moment in time. You’ll find that through practice, you’ll be able to lessen how many thoughts you have of impending doom in the future.

You should notice physical benefits, too. Depression and anxiety often cause unexplained physical ailments, such as hives, stomach pains, headaches, chest pains, etc.

As you work to take control of your thoughts and work on lifestyle changes that bring more relaxation and calm to your spirit, take notice of whether those unexplained ailments lessen, too.

Sound Therapy: Excellent for Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

Sound therapy has been found to help relieve those feelings of despair, guilt, lack of motivation, and anxiety caused by feelings of deep depression.

Like meditation, this type of therapy clears your mind of the cluttered thoughts, helping you reorganize the confusion into a more ordered view of your world and life. Seeing things more clearly, identifying solutions, and feeling calm all go a long way in removing feelings of depression and anxiousness.

While there are practitioners available who can help you in terms of music and sound therapy, there are also audios you can purchase, as well as sound therapy machines, where you can benefit from the technology in the comfort of your own home.

Either way, this type of therapy helps bring the cells of your body that are currently sick, or “out of tune”, back in tune with those frequencies that promote healing, a clear mind, and relaxation.

It’s from the position of calm that all life’s situations and challenges can be met with vigor, energy, and motivated action.

If you’d like more information on what sound therapy is and exactly how it can help you in effectively dealing with depression and anxiety, fill out the form below. We’ll send you exciting information on how you can use it to move forward in your life in an empowered way.

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