Healing Sound Frequencies

When discussing healing sound frequencies, it’s important to make mention of Cymatics, which is the science and study of physical patterns created by sound waves. We’ve discussed the beginnings of Cymatics here.

The human body is an energy system. Body tissue vibrates at specific frequencies and when this flow of energy is impeded, physical sickness is manifested.

More specifically, each part of your body has particular waveforms and frequencies associated with it and there are frequencies and waveforms indicative of healthy tissue, as well those for unhealthy tissue.

528 Hz Solfeggio frequency heals DNA

During a recent interview, Cymatherapy International research director, Elizabeth Colorio, made an interesting analogy.

Since we’re made of energy waves and everything around is made of energy patterns, as well, Colorio said it’s important to pay attention to our environment because our bodies will “tune in” to the energy around us. 

For example, a loud siren will cause us to instinctively want to remove ourselves from the noisy area.

Another example she brought up is how we’ll instinctively want to change the radio station when a song we don’t like is playing. We “tune in” to something more pleasant.

Sound therapy helps expose us to healing frequencies that bathe our cells with “correcting” abilities so our tissues can bring themselves back into alignment with healthy vibrational patterns.

Solfeggio Frequencies

The ancient Solfeggio Frequencies are healing sound frequencies. Traced back to the ancient Gregorian Chants, there’s a spiritual element inherent in these “lost” frequencies, which are:

UT (396 Hz)
RE (417 Hz)
MI (528 Hz)
FA (639 Hz)
SOL (741 Hz)
LA (852 Hz)

An especially exciting aspect to these frequencies is how MI, vibrating at 528 Hz, is the same frequency genetic biochemists have discovered to be capable of repairing broken DNA. The color Gold is affiliated with MI.

The other 5 frequencies have the following qualities associated with them:

UT, Liberation of guilt/fear, Red
RE, Help w/ the facilitation of change, Orange
FA, Relationships, Green
SOL, The awakening of intuition/solutions Blue
LA, Facilitating the return to spiritual order, Purple

The reference to repairing DNA above is key because it again reveals the healing qualities of sound. In fact, scientists today even use the reference to sound, or music, when describing how DNA functions.

Candice Pert, Ph.D., in Molecules of Emotion, wrote about how when DNA receptors bind with ligands (molecules that are smaller than receptors) it’s similar to two different voices singing the same note and that the resulting vibration is a signal (doorbell, if you will) to the cell to open its doorway.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration is important to our understanding of healing sound frequencies. Although this method of healing is more physical in nature in that a vibration plate is used to gently vibrate the body, it’s a method that helps to enhance our brain’s ability to control muscle function.

We have the Russian space program to thank for this therapy, as they researched using vibrating platforms in space as a way to maintain muscle and bone.

Basically, the vibration plate repeats a frequency wave over and over. For example, whole body vibration studies show how a 4 Hz pulse (4 pulses/second) will help stimulate the cartilage collagen inside the discs in between the bones of your spine.

Benefits to using this type of therapy include:

  • Pain/Inflammation reduction
  • Increase flexibility & strength of joints
  • Energy level increases
  • Increases to lymph & blood circulation
  • Stress relief

Healing Sound Frequencies Reduce Stress

Mentioning stress relief above leads us into some of the best benefits you’ll receive when applying sound therapy to your life.

While this therapy reduces stress, it’s the method by which it does it that is truly unique.

Remember what we said about how each part of your body, meaning your organs, tissues and cells, has a healthy and non-healthy frequency. As sound therapy works to bring your body back into communication from a cellular level, stress relief on all levels is achieved.

As the cells of your body are healed from a vibrational frequency standpoint, you experience mental, emotional and physical relief.

That’s why the power of sound based therapy helps relieve physical ailments like stomach pains, irritable bowel syndrome, COPD, asthma, depression, chest pains, gas, nausea, autism, etc.

We encourage you to dive into sound therapy and experience all it has to offer. If you’d like further details about healing sound frequencies, we invite you to fill out the form below and we’ll send them straight out to you.

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