Link Between High Blood Pressure and Anxiety

Wondering about the link between high blood pressure and anxiety?

The truth is the two are interrelated, but this should be taken with a grain of salt.

list of ways to reduce blood pressure includes sound therapy

It’s true that anxiety can lead to a temporary rise in blood pressure, although it may not be directly responsible for chronic high blood pressure.

With that said, however, if you allow stress and anxiety to rule your life day after day, you’re now dealing with blood pressure spikes continually, which can lead to damaged kidneys, heart and blood vessels.

Often, when you’re not exactly sure where your stress and anxiety is coming from, sound therapy will help immensely.

More on this exciting info below but first let’s look at the relation between your anxiety and blood pressure.

How Anxiety Affects Blood Pressure

During stress and anxiety attacks, certain hormones are released which will decrease the diameter of blood vessels while at the same time increasing the heart rate.

This translates to a dramatic rise in blood pressure, although this is temporary. The blood pressure should return to normal once the hormones are removed from the body, but this could still have negative consequences on your overall health.

Although chronic anxiety sufferers register higher levels of blood pressure, the same applies to “ordinary” people when faced with stressful situations. In both cases, there’s a direct link between anxiety and high blood pressure.

As previously mentioned, this is temporary, although there’s still a cause for concern.

We’re repeating this again because it’s vital: Damage can occur in the heart, kidneys, and blood vessels due to regular and dramatic rises in blood pressure. This means you would suffer long-term health effects if you don’t find ways to manage your stress and anxiety.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

There are a number of ways to deal with anxiety and consequently reduce the chances of high blood pressure. These are simple things that you can do at home or at the office to reduce anxiety.

One such remedy is having a designated relaxation room. This should be a designated room free of distractions such as bright lights and technology. You can use scented candles or relaxing music or anything else that brings you comfort.

Visiting the room daily for about 30 minutes can have a dramatic effect as far as reducing your levels of anxiety.

Another great way for dealing with stress and anxiety is through exercise. This is a superb way to keep fit as well as finding an outlet for stress.

Exercise can release unused energy and burn away stress hormones, as well as regulate hormones that are associated with anxiety.

Although these methods are effective, we believe sound therapy remains the optimum way to deal with anxiety and needs to be added to the mix.

Sound Therapy for Treating High Blood Pressure and Anxiety

The exciting news about sound therapy is you’ll never experience any harmful side effects such as those seen when using anti-anxiety medication.

Additionally, you can use music therapy, where specially recorded music is used as a remedy for stress and anxiety.

This kind of therapy stimulates the left part of the brain, which is responsible for feelings of peace and happiness. By stimulating these areas, you can achieve more positive emotional states in a short time.

Sound therapy is a long-term remedy for high blood pressure and anxiety that not only treats the symptoms of stress, but the underlying causes as well.

It’s common knowledge that music affects your mood through harmony, melody and rhythm. Music therapy therefore stimulates three areas of the brain responsible for your moods i.e. the limbic system, medial temporal lobe and left pre-frontal cortex, offering a lasting solution.

Beyond music therapy, we have sound therapy, which uses specific vibrational frequencies to help not only your mind and mood, but also to apply positive, healing effects on your bones, organs, and tissues.

You can apply sound healing to your high blood pressure and anxiety issues either through sound recordings or through the use of machines that emit special frequencies.

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