Sound Based Therapy

To some, sound based therapy is a relatively new concept. The truth, though, is that sound has been used in a healing manner for literally thousands of years.

sound waves

When you look at what’s called the Solfeggio Frequencies, it becomes abundantly clear how ancient sound therapy truly is. These are electro-magnetic frequencies which are sequenced within a 6 tone scale.

Unfortunately, these tones were “lost” throughout the years until Dr. Joseph Puleo helped rediscover them, with the help of Leonard Horowitz, who wrote the book, The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse.

Modern Research Into Sound Based Therapy

For a couple hundred years now, various scientists and doctors have conducted studies that reveal the effectiveness of sound in healing mental, emotional and physical ailments.

Ernst Chladni, a German scientist, wrote a book called Discoveries Concerning the Theory of Music in 1787.

His work detailed how physical matter could be reshaped by sound waves. His experiments included using a violin bow to create sound against a sand covered plate. The resulting shapes and patterns are to this day called “Chladni figures”.

Nathaniel Bowditch, a mathematician, came along in 1815 to show that Chladni’s figures took shape because the frequencies had whole numbered ratios with one another, such as 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, etc.

In more modern times, during the mid 20th Century, a man named Dr. Hans Jenny created what we call Cymatics. This is the study of wave phenomena. He recreated more results based on what Chladni had started.

Dr. Jenny’s work helped open our eyes to the fact that natural phenomena are determined by and a result of vibrational frequencies. He said that this means tones and frequencies have the ability to create physical healing because of how they influence our cells, genes, and organs.

Remember the ancient Solfeggio Frequences we mentioned above? It’s interesting to note that the 3rd frequency, MI, vibrates at 528 Hz, the exact same frequency found to repair broken DNA by genetic biochemists.

A coincidence? We think not!

Modern Sound Based Therapy

Today, our understanding of matter allows for the ability to see how sound healing practices make perfect sense.

Einstein taught us that what we comprehend as matter is simply energy with a low enough frequency vibration that allows for us to perceive it as “solid”.

Since everything is energy, your body, everything in nature, your car, etc, it means that sound vibration therapy has the ability to create health by affecting the vibrational patterns making up our spiritual, mental and emotional nature.

When our cells are adversely affected by incorrect nutrition, electromagnetic chaos (cell phones, etc), pollution, and feelings of fear and stress, we can use sound to bring those cells back into communicative harmony.

The result? A healing process of whatever ails you.

These ailments can include dizziness, nausea, high blood pressure, gas, weight loss, chest pain, asthma, stomach pain and a host of other “physical” issues. While we perceive them to be physical issues, remember that everything is energy.

During his 60+ years of research, Peter Guy Manners taught us that each organ and tissue resonates at a particular frequency, which allows us to use sound frequency energy to bring those cells back into health, free from the dangerous chaos of stress.

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