Sound Therapy Products

Sound therapy products range from expensive instruments designed for use by professional practitioners to those you can purchase for your own home use.

Vibroacoustic Equipment

Vibroacoustic therapy combines the power of auditory music/sound with that of low frequency vibrations felt by the patient.

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A Helsinki University (Finland) psychologist named Petri Lehikoinen developed a piece of physioacoustic equipment during the 1970’s that flooded the body with music and 27 to 113 Hz sinusoidal frequencies.

Olav Skille, who started the field of Vibroacoustics, used a VibroAcoustic Chair in the late 80’s. This chair brought together healing vibrations of music with that of a single pulsed, sinusoidal frequency.

At the Texas Center for Music and Medicine (at the Univ of N. Texas), where he was the director of research and education, Kris Chesky put together a vibroacoustic unit called the Music Vibration Table.

The Music Vibration Table was designed by Chesky as scientific measurement device as he studied how sound therapy was effective in reducing pain for many types of stress induced physical ailments.


As Peter Guy Manners furthered the field of Cymatics, pioneered by Dr. Hans Jenny, he perfected a 5 tone sound healing solution.

Manners’ device achieves a harmonic from the combination of 5 frequencies that results in the ability to target the “frequency signature” of various bones, muscle tissues and organs.

In one case, this effective sound therapy product helped a football player in his mid-thirties effectively recover from an ankle bone chip and ligament tear, and injury that will normally keep an athlete off the field for months.

After using the Cymatherapy device, he was back to normal in terms of muscle strength and range of motion within one month.

Sound Therapy Products for the Home

Today, there are a multitude of products that allow you to take advantage of sound therapy from the comfort of your own home.

Ranging from therapy devices to sound recordings, it’s now possible to achieve pain relief as you administer the healing yourself.

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