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While sound therapy research is an ongoing process, we have plenty of information to work from in determining how the healing effects of sound can benefit you and your well-being.

Cymatics & Dr. Hans Jenny

Wave phenomena research, called Cymatics, began in the 1950’s, when a Swiss scientist by the name of Dr. Hans Jenny helped show how sound has the ability to structure physical matter.

sound therapy research

Jenny took “kyma”, the Greek word for “wave”, in order to come up with Cymatics.

Dr. Jenny invented the tonoscope.

Using this device, he was able to study how sound waves create physical movement when applied to sand, for example that was placed on a vibrating membrane.

Imagine seeing sand suddenly begin to move and take shape into various patterns of life-like symmetrical forms that mimic shapes found all throughout nature…all from sound being directed at it.

These types of studies help us understand the tremendous power inherent in the waves produced by sound.

DNA, Water and Viktor Shauberger

Around the same time Dr. Jenny was conducting his studies, Viktor Shauberger was conducting his own sound therapy research that dealt with the micro vortexes that are found in water (think of a spiral funnel within the water) and their close relationship to our human DNA helix structure.

Deep within the world’s ancient oceans, it’s entirely likely that sound coming from hydrothermal vents created micro vortexes.  It’s been found that deeper sounds created a more pure vortex based on water’s acoustic filtering properties.

When we combine Shauberger’s work with that of Hong Kong scientists who discovered how these vortexes have the ability to manipulate DNA molecules, it becomes evident how there’s a strong healing relationship between water vortexes and sound.

Water’s Memory

Consider the studies on water that show how it contains a “memory”. It’s fascinating to see how human intention, as well something like a flower, will completely change water’s structure:

Vibration and its Effect on Water


As we continue moving through direct sound therapy research and combine it with our knowledge of how frequency affects water and also with the relationship between water and our DNA, we can begin to align sound with how it helps our bodies go through a healing process.

A key aspect to this is understanding the cellular makeup of our bodies. The cells of your body emit and receive various vibrations, frequencies, and bio-electric currents as they constantly communicate with one another, as well as with other living entities.

In fact, your entire body is an electrically charged frequency system. When receiving vibrations in the form of sound, an exchange of information occurs.

This is where the healing aspects of sound come in. When your cells are in chaos, or involved with what we call “sickness”, or stress, they’ve lost their ability to properly communicate.

Sound therapy has the ability to restore the frequency to normal so that communication, and thus, healing, returns. 

Entrainment, Huygens & Dr. Peter Guy Manners

Sound therapy research as far back as the 17th Century helps us understand the concept of entrainment, which is the process two distinct bodies go through as they come together to vibrate harmoniously together.

Christian Huygens, a Dutch astronomer, mathematician and physicist, put together experiments in 1656 with swinging pendulums. He helped the world understand how objects vibrating at a weaker level will eventually begin vibrating at matching levels to those vibrating at a stronger frequency.

Later, from the 1940’s to the mid 2000’s, a man named Dr. Peter Guy Manners helped pioneer more sound therapy research. Manners’ work involved harnessing the specific frequencies our organs and tissues vibrate at.
Dr. Manners’ Sympathetic Resonance Sound Therapy Research

His process of “sympathetic resonance”, honed in over the decades, helps bring distressed tissues or organs back into their proper frequency of health by projecting the “correct” sound waves toward the affected area.

At the same time, this process allows those “sick” or “in chaos” cells to release the dangerous tension they had previously been holding onto.

Dr. Manners has actually figured out five distinct harmonic frequencies, which translate into success in terms of sound healing. Although he’s honed in on the frequency each person’s organs and tissue resonate at, each person still resonates at a slightly different frequency.

This difference is very slight, however, and so his five frequency overlay allows for success in that a harmonic sound of each tissue or organ creates a vibrational “signature” that correctly stimulates your tissue, bone or organ needing healing.

Vibroacoustic Therapy

By the 1980’s, Olav Skille, a Norwegian educator, had developed Vibroacoustic Therapy, which combines Pulsed Low Frequency Sine Tones with relaxing music vibrations.

The 1997 book, Music Vibration and Health, describes a study by Tony Wigram, called The Effect of VA Therapy on Multiple Handicapped Adults w/ High Muscle Tone & Spasticity, which revealed how low frequency sine tones combined with music was better at helping to reduce high muscle tone than only using music by itself.

Skille’s sound therapy research is documented in many of his published works. His biggest report on his studies is the 1991 Manual of Vibroacoustics.

While he originally designed this therapy from his work with disable children, he later found that sound therapy helps with many kinds of conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, autism, cerebral palsy, asthma, insomnia, cystic fibrosis, and constipation.

Another study, EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology, which was done on spastic clients by G. Eklund and K.E. Hagbarth in 1966, further illustrates how vibration has a positive effect on range of motion in the body.

In exploring sound therapy research, it’s clear that this technology is beneficial for healing a variety of physical ailments. In addition to the conditions above, sound healing can be used to help chest pain, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, nausea, gas, stomach pains, headaches, dizziness, emphysema, COPD, etc.

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