Can Sound Therapy Help Stomach Pains and Gas?

You may find it surprising, but stomach pains and gas usually come from stress and anxiety.

woman feels better after sound therapy reduces stomach pain

Often, it’s as if you have an unexplainable cramping, or intestinal issue, where you find it hard to even pinpoint where the pain is coming from.

What’s even more difficult to figure out sometimes is whether your pain is from a true physical cause or is, in fact, related to anxiety.

Symptoms of Stress

Begin your search by identifying whether you’re suffering from other conditions stress can cause.

Some of the many signs and symptoms of stress are poor judgment, constant worrying, short tempers and anxiety or racing thoughts.

The signs could also be physical things like general pains and frequent aches, diarrhea or constipation, chest pain, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, etc.

You may find that you’re often feeling tired as fatigue sets in.

Why You’re Feeling Pain

The reason your stress and anxiety is causing issues with stomach pains and gas is that your abdominal muscles become tightened and squeeze your neighboring organs.

As well, your stress will affect the hormones responsible for digestion. When your digestion system isn’t working properly, you’re likely going to feel bloating and other discomfort.

If you allow your stress and anxiety to continue long-term, you may even find that you’re diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS causes stomach pain because it means your body isn’t processing food properly through your gastrointestinal system.

Another concern over the long haul is ulcers. Since anxiety causes more acids to be released, open wounds can appear within your intestinal lining.

Solutions to Stomach Pains and Gas

You may seek immediate relief for your discomfort by taking over the counter medications designed to help with gas, stomachaches, etc.

However, consider again that the underlying cause is normally something emotional or mental. The resulting anxiety is now manifesting through physical pain as a signal that something must change in your life.

We fully realize that when you’re physically hurting, you need something to help immediately. One non-drug solution is to try aloe Vera.

Drinking aloe Vera juice can sometimes offer superb results. It’s been used in many hospitals over the years in solid form.

Probably the most important way to cure your stomach issues is to work specifically on your stress and anxiety issues. You may want to talk with someone in order to work through what’s troubling you.

You can also use meditation and exercise in order to relieve the mental worry, as well as releasing stress through physical activity.

Sound Therapy for Stomach Treatment

Sound healing can also be used to improve overall health and your mental mindset that’s been disrupted by stress.

While this type of therapy may sound new to you, it’s been used by various groups for thousands of years now. Part of the newer research surrounding the healing effects sound offers is based in relaxation therapy.

For example, Dr. George Patrick, who is the head of Recreation Therapy for the National Institutes of Health, has done studies in the field of Vibroacoustic therapy. These studies reveal how pain relief is accomplished through sound healing.

Patients who are hurting from conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis are attaining relief from the soothing frequencies through sound and music therapy.

We encourage you to consider using this type of non-invasive therapy as you work to reduce your stress, its resulting anxiety, and the troubling stomach pains and gas you end up physically dealing with.

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