Relationship Between Stress and Digestion

Curious about the relationship between stress and digestion?

Your body and all of its various systems can suffer greatly because of stress. If heartburn or digestive issues are affecting you, stress could be causing them.  You’ll best control these symptoms when you learn ways of controlling your levels of stress.

Your adrenal glands play a vital role here.

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These glands release cortisol and adrenaline when your stress levels rise.

This process creates inflammation within your digestive system and creates nausea, heartburn, general stomach pain, and if it becomes a chronic issue, can even lead to ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome.

Additionally, your esophagus can spasm, acid levels rise in your stomach, and you may experience either constipation or diarrhea.

As stress and anxiety continue to play havoc with your adrenal glands, your stomach makes less digestive acid as blood flow decreases and this leads to poor absorption of the food you eat, particularly B vitamins (especially B-12) and minerals.

If it seems as though it would be wise to reduce your stress, then you’d be right!

Ways to Reduce Stress Levels

You can reduce your levels of stress by trying these simple stress reducers:

1) Stopping and taking a maximum of 5 slow and deep breaths on an hourly basis or at least a few times daily

2) Drink one glass of water half an hour before all your meals

3) Eat breakfast that has protein on a daily basis

4) Meditation

5) Exercise

6) Use sound therapy

Let’s Explore a Bit More

Relaxation and/or meditation is a great way to reduce the stress you place on your adrenals. For a simple method, try lying down in a darkened room and simply begin to breathe deeply…in and out.

Focus on any tension you feel in your body. Start at your head and slowly move through all the major parts of your body until you reach your toes. Visualize the stress physically leaving your body.

The relationship between stress and relaxation can be further helped by focusing on relaxation prior to sitting down to eat a meal. Again, focus on your breathing. Center your attention on relaxing your body. Get yourself into a state of thankfulness.

Then, eat slowly and chew your food completely. All of this combined will help your digestion.

You should also engage in regular exercise to reduce stress levels.

Sound Therapy Will Aid Digestion

Using sound therapy is an excellent way to lower your stress and anxiety levels. Studies done by doctors such as Peter Guy Manners have revealed how each organ vibrates at a specific frequency.

The fields of Cymatics and Cymatherapy are stress therapy solutions where sound is used to help the cells of your body become free from the chaos anxiety puts them in. This chaos is what releases the hormones from your adrenals, for example, that play havoc with your digestion.

Sound therapy will allow your cells to communicate properly. The result is a leveling of adrenal gland releases of cortisol or adrenaline. You experience less stress and your digestive system can return to functioning properly.

We encourage you to learn more about sound healing and its effect on your stress and digestion. Feel free to fill out the form below and we’ll send you exciting details.

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