Tips to Reduce Stress Include Positive Psychology

The following tips to reduce stress will help you move your life forward in a state of happiness, gratitude, and joy.

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Speaking of gratitude, that’s our very first tip. That’s right, simply getting into the habit of feeling gratitude for all that you already have in your life will go a long way in helping you not only feel less stress, but also feel anticipation for your future.

This “attitude of gratitude” is helpful in our world that continually tells you that what you have or who you are isn’t enough.

How can you not feel anxiety when you’re convinced that you’ll never be enough until you get that next great “thing”?

Make it a habit to remind yourself daily about all that’s great in your life already and that you’re thankful for all of it.

Positive Psychology

By the way, the above tip comes from a newer form of psychology called Positive Psychology.

This is a movement brought forth by Martin Seligman, a psychologist who became inspired to find a new way after the birth of his daughter.

While he knew there were ways to help folks who needed psychological correction, he began to wonder how to best bring forth emotional health and strength in his young daughter.

Positive Psychology focuses on understanding the habits we can all develop in order to build resilience in life, experience positive emotions, feel happy more often, and of course, live with less stress.

Interestingly, but really not very surprisingly, their findings reveal that by lowering our stress levels and feeling happy instead, we can reverse physical issues the stress caused to begin with.

More Tips to Reduce Stress (Your Thoughts/Attitude)

Get in the “Flow” – If you ever read or hear an interview of a successful person, you’ll often hear them talk about how they can work 15 hours in a day and not feel tired…or, even realize that 15 hours went by!

This is being in the flow, where you become completely absorbed in whatever work or activity you’re experiencing. Find what you’re passionate about, engage in it often, and watch the stress melt away.

Be more Optimistic – No matter what you’ve been taught or what you may believe about this, optimism is a choice. This means that pessimism is a choice, too. Which do you decide? Choose wisely if stress reduction is your goal!

Spirituality – This doesn’t mean religion. Even an atheist can feel spiritual. What we’re talking about here is to find that place inside you that marvels at some of the truly magical aspects to our world.

Stay in the “Now” – Some folks call this being “mindful”, where you focus on this very moment in time instead of fretting over what happened in the past or worrying about what may or may not happen in the future.

If you can stay in the “now”, you’ll find that stress is gone. Why? Because right NOW, you’re perfectly fine. There’s nothing to worry about right in this very moment. Think about that one for moment…it can become quite “deep” :)

Tips to Reduce Stress (Activities)

Read Positive Books – It’s true that what you put “in” to your mind is what you’ll receive “out”. Fill your brain with the nightly news and it’s really not surprising that you go to bed upset, dream negatively and wake up feeling stressed out before you ever have a chance to get going.

If you instead read inspirational and positive books, then your mind begins to shift to feeling that way more often.

Get Around Positive People – Same as above…hang out with negative folks and expect all that stress and anger to fill you up with the same emotions. However, if you focus on getting around people who value friendship, support and positive emotions, then you’re going to find yourself in an inspiring emotional state more often.

Listen to Uplifting Music – We think you’re getting the idea, right? It’s all about what you put “in” and music is quite powerful.

Not only popular music, but sound therapy, too. Your body is all about sound frequency, especially at a cellular level, where your cells communicate through vibrational frequency.

Stress is a state your cells go into where they can’t communicate properly and you experience all the physical and emotional havoc that comes with it. Using sound therapy is proven to realign your cells and reduce the anxiety you feel.

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