Treatments for Emphysema

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What’s especially good news is that alternative therapies, such as sound healing, are available to help you.

What is Emphysema?

Similar to asthma, emphysema is one of the three fatal lung disorders classified under COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

powering the lungs, relieving emphysema through sound therapy

They’re also known as chronic obstructive respiratory disease (CORD) or Chronic Airflow Limitation (CAL).

The disease is characterized by localized inflammation of cells, deterioration of lung tissues and temporary damage to air sacs.

Inflammation declines the elasticity of lungs and affects its rate of expansion adversely.

When the condition is persistent for a long time, it leads to permanent inflation of the lungs. Consequently, the air sacs lose their flexibility and the flow of air gets obstructed.

Primitive symptoms of emphysema include fatigue, coughing, wheezing, sputum production, short breaths and acute exacerbations. Although these physical symptoms may be irreversible for some, we can reduce their effects and exercise control over them

Alternative Treatments For Emphysema

In most cases, lung specialists try to cure emphysema with steroid medicines and aerosol medications. These medicines remove unwanted obstructions from air passages and promote proper airflow.

Additionally, antibiotics and bronchodilators are used for relieving inflammation and building up tolerance towards irritants. Since these medications fail to provide long-term relief to patients, most folks opt for alternative therapies.

Patients can sign up for pulmonary rehabilitation programs run by hospitals and rehab centers. These centers teach you physical activities to help you in developing tolerance.

You can try breathing through pursed lips.

Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds before pursing your lips, as though you’re going to kiss someone. Count up to 6 and release your breath with force. This technique instantly releases trapped air from respiratory sacs.

Postural drainage and chest percussion are performed for mucus drainage.

Lie down on a flat surface and change your positions frequently. Close your fist and hit your chest gently. This causes irritation and coughing that emit mucus from lungs.

Sound Therapy – A Tested And Effective Technique For Lung Diseases

Sound/music therapy holds the power to relieve the most fatal of all disorders, with emphysema being one.

A study conducted by scholars at the University of Michigan states that interleukin-1 levels are increased with exposure to only 15 minutes of music. An increase in interleukin-1 levels results in increased levels of immunity.

One aspect of music therapy is learning to play instruments, such as the harmonica.

Synchronized coordination of tongue, lips and lungs while playing instruments, increases sound awareness, affects your breathing pattern and serves as a great exercise for lung cells. This increases oxygen supply within our lungs and helps damaged cells in recovering faster.

Sound therapy, on the other hand, sends specific frequencies that help heal the cells of your body. When emphysema results in a swelling of your cells, a good way to think about what’s happening is that these cells have become “out of tune”.

Sound therapy is a process where various healing frequencies are used to bring these cells back into tune so they can correctly communicate in order to allow for relief of pain and symptoms.

Treatments for emphysema should include a combination of music therapy and other alternative remedies in order to achieve natural healing.

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